Nestle – “The Year 2019 was an exciting year for the Coffee and Beverages business. NESCAFÉ led the journey of bringing in new consumers into the coffee category through several initiatives and activations. This resulted in robust brand growth through the year that was reflected in strong gains in category household penetration for NESCAFÉ and in its market share. NESCAFÉ continued its, premiumization journey with NESCAFÉ Gold and NESCAFÉ É, a smartphone-connected coffee-making mug, which is compatible with products from the NESCAFÉ portfolio, NESCAFÉ also launched several packs to leverage the e-commerce channel.

Tata Consumer Products – “The branded retail coffee market in India is estimated at ~Rs. 2,750 Crores in 2019. Instant coffee is the largest sub‑segment and is ~80-85% of the category and growing as consumers look at convenience. We are also witnessing the emergence of artisanal and gourmet premium coffees – estimated to be ~5% of the organized market. In terms of at-home consumption, we see different consumer behaviors in the South and the Rest of India segments. In the Rest of India, coffee is an aspirational product and there is a preference for instant coffee, especially during winters. On the other hand, in the South, we see regular consumption of both instant and Roasted & Ground (filter coffee)”

CCL Products (Continental Coffee) – “Soluble Instant coffee, more commonly referred to as instant coffee is commercially prepared from carefully selected green coffee, which is roasted, extracted, evaporated and converted into solid form by either freeze-drying or spray- drying, after which it can be rehydrated to make a good cup of coffee. Instant coffees have now been in the market for many decades because of its convenience, economy, and homogeneity. The young population is the driving force for experimenting with specialty coffees, which opened up a new in-house consumption segment, where growth is anticipated. Thanks to the technology improvements in production that is making instant coffee taste as good as roast and ground coffee. The image of coffee drinking as a modern lifestyle, which is trending in social media is very much encouraging us to step into the specialty coffee segment. Revenue in the instant coffee segment amounts to US$96 Billion in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 11.5% (CAGR 2020-2025). In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$12.88 are generated in 2020. The average per capita consumption stands at 0.2 kg in 2020. In the instant coffee segment, the volume is expected to grow to 1.7 Billion kg by 2025.”