• Withdrawn the previous 50 Rs EPS guidance due to the uncertainty in the USA business(due to the continued pricing pressure across the portfolio)
  • From a  long-term point of view,  Peak Sales will take about 5-7 years from the latest plants with respect to fillings & approval timelines.
  • India business’s strong growth to continues as the GDP recovers.
  • Alero’s payback period timelines have been extended due to extreme competition & would have to wait for one-off periods to make profits.


  • Announced dividend of Rs 14; what is the point when the business is not making any free cash flows.
  • Due to the sartan opportunity diminishing; the rev per quarter in the US business will decrease from $70-75m to $55-60m.
  • Got the benefit of Chinese supply disruptions in the API business in Q1-Q2 & now it’s back to normal; on this increased base, they will continue to grow API business at 10%.
  • Aleor JV: Have spent 250crs in capex & 300crs in R&D.


  • It takes time to scale up brands in India & that’s what Alembic is going through; No significant sales addition from new brands in cardio, diabetes & the specialty space.
  • 30% EBITDA margins will not be sustainable when the new plants’ cost base hits the P&L (currently getting capitalized); however, the absolute value will be high.
  • 1000crs of cumulative capex over FY22 & FY23.
  • R&D cost in FY22 is expected to be 750crs.


  • They do not want to get into Biosimilars or Biologics at this stage as the investments required are very high, but they are evaluating other opportunities & will slowly start investing in those as these investments stabilize.


  • 15 to 20 launches per year is what they are looking at for the next few years
  • Interest rate: It varies from 8.5% to 9% on long-term debt to about 4% which we are currently borrowing on short-term debt.
  • The strategy to ramp up in injectables will be gradual.