Our investment philosophy is guided by the value investing principle of buying a security at a discount to its intrinsic value. When we invest in a stock, we buy the business and not the stock. We remain agnostic to the daily fluctuating stock price as long as we continue to believe in the business. We view market volatility as a friend that allows us to buy securities at a discount or sell at a premium to intrinsic value.

There are companies where the owners have a mindset to protect, preserve and enhance what they have been handed over by the previous generation and pass on the baton to the future generation when the time is right. These are the kind of owners you would want to partner with. This is where our clients benefit from our in-depth research.

Our investments are selected based on the following criteria:

Economic moat
Leadership Position
Margin of Safety
Corporate Governance
Good Track Record

To summarize, the goal remains to buy/sell as seldom as possible and sit on good quality companies for long periods of time.