Nestle India – “MAGGI Noodles, in the instant noodles category further strengthened its leadership position in 2019, through strong double-digit volume growth. A disciplined regional intervention consisting of media, on-ground activation led to penetration growth and distribution ramp-up. MAGGI Noodles continued its focus on innovating and renovating its portfolio with the launch of MAGGI Nutrilicious Atta Noodles made with a blend of 20 spices and herbs. Your Company also launched MAGGI Fusian Noodles, a range of Asian flavors inspired MAGGI Noodles, available in flavors such as Bangkok Sweet Chilli, Hong Kong Spicy Garlic, Singaporean Tangy Pepper.”

ITC – “In the Instant Noodles category, YiPPee! noodles sustained its overall market standing as a strong, competitive No. 2 brand in the noodles space. YiPPee! led the industry in terms of packaging innovation in family packs, enabling impactful visibility, reducing breakages, and driving growth in Modern Trade. With innovative media campaigns and celebrity endorsements, the Business created a buzz around its brands and continued to strengthen its presence across the country.”