Acquisitions raised the share of international sales as a percentage of total sales to 22% in FY13 from 10% in FY05.

Marico acquired Paras’s personal care brands in 2012, which gave the firm entry into Indian men’s grooming categories such as deodorants, hair gels, and other personal care categories like hair serums and skin creams. Over 2007–12, Marico launched several new products in the haircare, personal care, home care, and foods categories. Out of these, Saffola masala oats, Parachute Ayurvedic hair oil, and Parachute Advansed body lotion have been successful.

Marico brought Shanti Amla hair oil under the Nihar fold in 2010 and started selling it at a 50 percent discount to Dabur Amla. This helped improve Marico’s market share in the Amla hair oil category to 33 percent in FY15 from 19 percent in FY12.

Finally, Marico exited the processed food (SIL brand sold to a Danish business house, Good Food Group, in 2008) and refined sunflower oil segments (Sweekar sold to Cargill India in 2011).

Taken from Unusual Billionaires book.