Promotional Pricing – Here discount is offered on certain products. Example – Airlines offer sale on selected routes

Dynamic Pricing – Price keeps on changing as per time & demand. E.g.: Airline Ticket Pricing

Penetration Pricing – Rock bottom or predatory pricing to attract buyers . E.g.-Jio Infocomm’s cheap and free data plans.

Freemium Pricing – Here basic service is offered for free but advance options are chargeable. E.g. Canvas, Grammarly

Economy Pricing – Here the production cost is minimized. E.g.-Walmart

Bundle Pricing – Bundle of products or services is offered at lesser price then if you buy each product separately. Example – McDonald’s Meal

Psychological Pricing – Here the emotions of customers are are targeted rather than the logic. E.g.-Rs 499 instead of 500 which was done by Big Bazaar.

Premium Pricing – Product is priced high to create a perception of premium-ness E.g.-Rolex watches, luxury cars.