Britannia – “The Salted Snack category is witnessing intense competition, with leading national and regional competitors investing significantly in advertisements, celebrity endorsements, and large discounts to gain market share. While this is a huge challenge, these interventions have also helped create an opportunity for rapid growth and it is expected that this category could soon overtake biscuit as the largest packaged foods category. Hence, it is essential for your Company to partake in this growth through a focus on product innovation and market competitiveness.

Snacking is inherent to Indian food culture and is an important category of your Company’s adjacent business. It has traditionally implied a variety of sensorial experiences in terms of flavor, taste, shape, texture, ingredients, appearance & accompaniments. The category is very large and highly competitive with more than 2000 players operating in it. Migration from unorganized or local to branded products will drive growth for national players like Britannia.”

ADF Foods – “The Company has also added in recent times baked snacks. As per the study, 45% of consumers consume organic snacks”

DFM Foods– “The Indian Traditional and Namkeen snack food market is estimated to be around Rs 498.5 billion for the year FY 2019-20. The snacks market is also expected to be positively influenced by anticipated growth in the country’s retail food market in the coming years. The growing young population in India is also positively impacting the growth of the snacks market, as the kids are a major target segment of the snacks market which include chips and extruded snack segments.”

Prataap Snacks – “India is hyper-local when it comes to tastes, cuisines, and palates. If you take two cities that are a few kilometers apart, you will discover marked differences in the preparation and ingredients for the same dish, and the locals will probably swear by it. We have recognized this unique “Indian” nature, and in order to differentiate ourselves, we have developed the ability to cater to local and regional tastes and preferences. Our distributed manufacturing facilities are also strategically located in close proximity to key markets which facilitates easy, assured, and uninterrupted supplies.

With the introduction of pellet products across the country, we have enhanced the variety of local snacks offered within our overall product portfolio. The snack market is a promising and booming arm of the FMCG category. The Indian Snack segment can be further classified into Extruded Snacks, Chips, Namkeen, and others, with Namkeen having the highest market share compared to other segments. Consumers want easy-to-carry, price-effective snacks that do not compromise on taste and quality.”

ITC (Bingo) – “Increasing consumer traction for ‘Bingo!’ Potato Chips and Tedhe Medhe continued to drive growth in the Snacks Business. Tedhe Medhe continues to be the most widely distributed snack brand in the country. The Tedhe Medhe range was augmented with the launch of two innovative variants – ‘Herby Spin’ and ‘Chatpata Swing’. ‘Starters’, a baked and protein-rich snack, launched during the year, is being scaled up on the back of encouraging response from discerning consumers. The ‘Bingo! No Rulz’ range was also augmented with the launch of No Rulz Curlz, a corn-based baked snack in two exciting flavors of Masala and Cheese. The Business continues to be the market leader in the bridges sub-segment and improved its market standing in potato chips.”

CESC Ventures (Healthy Snacking) – “Guiltfree has been one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in India, and its brand “TOO YUMM!” has garnered a gross brand awareness of 75% and a market share of 2.3% of total western snacks in India. For 2019-20, Guiltfree’s total income was Rs 289.8 crore.”